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National Parks
Rain Forest Walking Tour
Zip Line Canopy Tour 

The National Parks are 25% of the territory of Costa Rica, there fore are  important places to visit. In them, we can find many natural beauties. The National Parks protect : the best beaches, the turtles, the limpets, the tallest trees, the incredible volcanoes, part of our history, the whales, the monkeys, the dantas and more ..  

The Rainforest walk, is one of the most pleasant experiences in a visit to Costa Rica. It is where the visitor is connected with nature. Is here, that the ecotourism takes the importance.

Flying through  the trees is an experience, that accelerates adrenaline. We can not describe, the many feelings students will have. It is a 100% recommended activity.

Waterfalls Hiking Tour 
White Water Rafting

With the students, we visit different types of waterfalls in different places in Costa Rica, for example La Catarata de la Paz with 5 waterfalls, ithe butterfly house, the typical house, the place of monkeys, felines and  frogs. They can hike in the La Fortuna Waterfall in the Arenal National Park and a special   the Nauyaca Waterfall,  horse or tractor.

An adventure with the crocodiles will take the students on a boat trip along the Tarcoles River, where they can enjoy the flora and fauna mixed with the appearances of these great animals in their natural surroundings.


Groups can :
Ride an horses
Walking on Hanging Bridges
Visit an Eco Farm
Swim in the hot springs
Know about the process of coffee, chocolate or pineapple
and more

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