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Cultural Activities - Student Tours

School Visit 
Cooking Classes

With a visit to a local school, students will be able to learn more about the facilities, classes, interaction and life of our local students.

One of the most important things of a culture, is the food. With this activity students will learn about the most common dishes in the country. They can prepare a local meal and then taste it.

Dancing Classes

Do not worry if you dance or not ... with these popular dancing classes, you can demonstrate your skills that you had reserved ... you will enjoy La Salsa, El Merengue and more of the Latin American versions.

Hand-Craft Classes

With a local artist, you can learn some artistic technique. You can embroider, paint or make your own souvenir. All with local ideas and preparations.

Tiquismos Classes

You can not be in a Spanish-speaking country, without speaking some words in Spanish. In this class you will learn in a fast and fun way, like surviving in a Spanish language world.

City Tour & Market 

Visiting a town or a local city, students experience more the culture, people and can observe in more detail, the way of living of the locals.

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