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Homestay Programs with Educational Activities

Local Families
Local House
Cultural Inmersion

We work with more than 30 local families, with each one we have been working for many years. they are giving to the students a warm welcoming, delicious meals and the opportunity for a unique experience. To live with a local family is to be in total immersion with the culture, since you will be able to see the daily life of the people, speak their language and eat their food.

All the houses of our families, are standard houses for Costa Rica. They have a special room for students, it has hot water in the shower. All the houses are near our lodge. Therefore students can use our facilities.

Live with a local family, eat with them 3 times a day, talk to them in Spanish, observe their way of life, go with them to the supermarket, visit other relatives, walk with them through the community, This is a Great Experience and Immersion Cultural.

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