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Your Spanish School in Costa Rica

Our Language School is your place in Costa Rica to learn Spanish. We have been offering Immersion Programs since 1993 with an effective and proven methodology with the most professional teachers. Our methods can be personally designed according to the goals of individual students. We are strategically located in la Guácima de Alajuela. 

Our school is specialized in the education of Spanish as a second language. We emphasize the improvement of conversational skills of our students, reinforce grammatical knowledge and motivate the utilization of new vocabulary. 

We can specially design each course to meet the specific needs of the age and intentions of individual students. We offer Intensive and regular Spanish courses. 

Our Programs for Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced levels  :

We use the most efficient program to learn Spanish which is the communicative method which emphasizes conversation without neglecting grammar area.

We feel that it’s necessary to teach grammar since is such an important aspect to help each and every student achieve greater skills, so that the student can communicate effectively in Spanish. We also believe that teaching grammar must be fun in order for the student to learn easier and faster. The communicative method that we promote in our classroom introduces Spanish grammar to our students little by little, and we reinforce the grammar through live examples and through conversation. All of our teachers are native Costa Ricans.

Instruction is entirely in Spanish, and each week a specific grammatical sequence is presented. Our instructors are skilled in blending conversation with grammar to meet the individual needs of the group members. We try to make learning grammar fun.

Some of our teachers can communicate in English as well as Spanish, however be aware that they only speak English when it becomes necessary to translate a Spanish phrase or word. We emphasize speaking Spanish at all times. However we have professionals in our school that can help with anything you need, in English if necessary.

We have been teaching for many years, which means that we provide our teachers with great amounts of teaching materials that can make the process of learning Spanish easier for the foreign students. We provide our teachers with materials such as bilingual flash cards, posters, audiotapes, Costa Rican newspaper articles that enhance great discussions, and also a video room to enhance your Spanish knowledge. In our classrooms we use newspaper articles to discuss current events, cultural activities and worldwide news, all in Spanish.

This exercise provides the students with an opportunity to broaden their vocabulary and become part of a Spanish-speaking society, as in real life.

The Student Groups have their defined program - for more information 

For individual participants or families
Transportation from Juan Santa Maria Airport to our school
Lodging in our hotel + 3 meals per day
4 hours or 5 and a half hours per day - depends on the needs of the student
Optional classes: Cooking, Dance or Crafts

Optional Tours

Transportation from our school to Juan Santa Maria Airport

For Lodging and meals you can visit 
We have WiFi, Pool and Restaurant
For quotes or more information:

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